Why Should I have a LeaveBehind page?

Unlike Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social networks, this information is not to be shared.   It’s private.  There are some things that require time and introspection to curate.  At LeaveBehind we believe your life story is one of those things.  This is where you can be the real you.  This is your sealed envelope or your safety deposit box.

If I have a LeaveBehind page, do I need a will?

Yes. Your LeaveBehind Page is NOT a will. It is not legally binding. LeaveBehind serves merely to tell and protect your story.

Who can see my page? 

Only you until you pass.  Once your passing has been verified, then your executor will be granted access to your LeaveBehind page.

How is my executor contacted when I die?  

Your designated executor(s) contacts LeaveBehind (LeaveBehind.com/contact).  After verifying your passing, LeaveBehind will grant access to your page to the executor(s).

How is a passing verified?  

A certified copy of the death certificate must to be presented.

Can I change my executor or add another?

Yes. Please login to your account and browse to the 'Executors' section.

How do I reset my password?

Forgot Password

Who to contact with login problems?

Contact LeaveBehind

How can I change my email address?

Contact LeaveBehind

How long will my LeaveBehind page exist? 

For as long as LeaveBehind.com exists.  We take your trust in us very seriously and promise to safeguard your memories with every measure possible.  It is our policy to preserve your memories. On LeaveBehind your page cannot expire, and we will never delete your photos, letters, stories or memories (although you are free to do so yourself at any time).  We use the world's best data centers to protect and store your data. The data centers are audited and accredited to the standards that banks use to store and protect your data. We store multiple copies of all of the content on LeaveBehind - across multiple data centers in several different countries - to ensure that if something ever happened to one copy, we would have backups ready to go.

How secure is LeaveBehind? 

Domain control validation, up to 256-bit encryption, 2048-bit root

Why can't I embed images from Facebook? 

Unfortunately, Facebook has disabled the ability to embed photos into other sites, even if they're marked public.